A few good…Portfolio Sites…

Today I am taking a look at a couple of portfolio websites, for the following reasons: a) a class assignment, b) inspiration, and c) jealousy. The website awwwards.com maintains a list of excellent portfolio sites, which I aspire to be on someday! Here are two sites that caught my eye.

David Boyero portfolio site

David Boyero portfolio site

This site demonstrates an excellent use of flat design. The colours used are eye-catching and unique, with the addition of minor interactive tidbits that keep you interested and engaged, moving your mouse around the page to see if anything else changes. The illustrations are minimal but well done, very much in keeping with the page design.

fixate screen shot

Fixate Web and Design

The home page of Fixate Web and Design caught my eye immediately. The individuality demonstrated by the simple black-on-white line drawings creates an immediate intimacy with the designers, as if you were seeing directly into their creative minds.

So there we are! A couple of portfolio concepts for your visual snacking pleasure.