Have I mentioned I like to travel?

Hi everyone, here is a brief introduction about me: I’m a graphic design student. I already have a degree in Spanish, although my knowledge is fading due to extreme lack of practice. And I love to travel. It stresses me out a lot – I am a ridiculous worrier; I spend a huge amount of time going through worst-case scenarios in my head for contingency plans if things go wrong.

But I revel in experiencing new cultures, visiting the great architecture and art of the world, and adding more pins to my “I’ve Been There” map of the world. Due to a sad lack of funding (having spent a good deal of my life as a student,) the list of places I’ve been is shorter than I would like. My travel experiences started with family trips in my youth, like taking road trips to Michigan to meet up with family, down to LA and back, and over to the west coast of Canada. During my Spanish degree I spent a month in Barcelona to attend a language school, and later that summer took a family trip on a cruise to Alaska. Since then I briefly visited London and Paris, spent 2 weeks in Mexico, and one week in Cuba.

As I am soon to be done with school again, hopefully forever this time, I am looking forward to the time (and funds!) to get out and see more of the world. Bucket list: visit each continent (except maybe Antarctica) at least once in my lifetime. Wish me luck!

Tower Bridge in London

Tower Bridge, London