British museums and their blogs

Today I am comparing two designs of two blogs of two art galleries/museums in London. The first is that of Tate Modern, one of the most well-known modern art galleries in the world. Its blog is well structured and easy to navigate, with a four column structure and a short description of each post accompanying each photograph. On the left is a sidebar with list of topics and series’ of blogs.

Screen shot of the blog of Tate Modern art gallery

Tate Modern

Now we compare the blog of the British Museum. It features a single column of never-ending content to scroll through, which is mind-numbingly dull to look at. Even when a topic is selected from the drop-down menu above the content, only one more column is opened up which is filled with badly organized related categories.

Screen capture of the British Museum blog

British Museum

So the moral of this story is: if you have a lot of content and posts, like these sites do, the site is much more engaging when organized into a few columns and with minimal copy on the home page, allowing the user to easily spot items of interest.